photo of Cinko Lake, Hoover Wilderness, CA

Cinko Lake Trail

Hoover Wilderness

Cinko Lake

Following the Trail to Cinko Lake

trail through Leavitt Meadow, Hoover Wilderness, CA

Trail through Leavitt Meadow

Leavitt Meadow to Lane Lake,
4 miles

After crossing the bridge climb a small hill and then descend into Leavitt Meadow for a long trudge up its length. Near the end, the trail climbs to a junction with the Secret Lake trail and then descends to Roosevelt and Lane Lakes. The best camps are on the southern side of Lane Lake.

Lane Lake to the Fremont Lake Trail Junction, 3.7 miles

Climb away from Lane Lake and follow the river before a slight descent to the Fremont Lake trail. Using the stock crossing is the best choice if going up to Fremont Lake. Our trail continues up the valley without crossing.

Lane Lake, Hoover Wilderness, CA

View from Lane Lake Camp

Fremont Lake Trail to Walker River Crossing, 3.1 miles

The trail climbs and crosses a low ridge before returning to the river valley again. Watch for a sign to cross the West Walker River. Campsites are found among the trees a short distance to the north.

River Crossing to Cinko Lake, 3.2 mils

The steep climb confronts hikers as the trail works its way up Cascade Creek. Watch for the junction for Cinko Lake to the right and then less than a mile later another turn, this time to the left. Good campsites are found almost immediately along the shore of the lake.