Fontanillis Lake, Desolation Wilderness, CA

Fontanillis Lake &
Dicks Lake Trail

Desolation Wilderness

Fontanillis Lake

Fontanillis Lake & Dicks Lake Trail

Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, CA

Emerald Bay and Lake Tahoe

Eagle Falls Trailhead to Bayview Trail Junction, 2.7 miles

From the Eagle Falls trailhead the hike up to and across a bridge and then begin a steady climb. Stop half way up to catch a view of Emerald Bay. In less than a mile, a side trail splits off to Eagle Lake. Take the Velma Lakes trail.

Despite occasional dips and level spots, most of the hike is uphill, many parts of it with steps. After 2.7 miles arrive at a ridge top and an intersection with the Bayview trail.

Velma Lakes, Desolation Wilderness, CA

Velma Lakes

Bayview Trail to Dicks Lake or Fontanillis Lake,
1.75 miles or 2.5 miles

Continue toward Velma Lakes for 0.7 miles until you spot a trail sign which points you toward Dicks Lake. The trail soon climbs again with switchbacks. Look for views of Velma Lakes to the north. After a mile you strike the Pacific Crest Trail. There, turn right, heading southwest. Very soon, where the trail loops back to the north, you will spy Dicks Lake off through the trees. Follow a short side trail to the lake. By continuing north on the main hiking trail for 0.75 miles you arrive at half-mile-long Fontanillis Lake. Both make excellent places to camp.