Sierra Nevada from Mt. Whitney, Sequoia National Park, CA

The High Sierra Trail Camping - Sequoia National Park

Camping and Exploring along the High Sierra Trail

tunnel along High Sierra Trail, Sequoia National Park, CA

Tunnel on High Sierra Trail

Campsites are situated at key points along the trail. All campsites west of Whitney, except Guitar Lake, have bear boxes. Mileages shown are from Crescent Meadow. (Bypass Moraine Lake and Upper Funston Meadow and save 1.2 miles.)

  • Mehrten Cr., Nine Mile Cr. (8.8), or Buck Cr.
  • Bearpaw Meadow, 11.4 miles
  • Hamilton Lakes, 16.6 miles
  • Big Arroyo Trail Junction, 22.5 miles
  • Moraine Lake, 30.5 miles
  • Upper Funston Meadow (Kern River), 34.5 miles
  • Kern Hot Springs, 36.8 miles
  • Junction Meadow, 44.2 miles
  • Wallace Creek at the John Muir Trail, 48.9 miles
  • Crabtree Ranger Station, 53.1 miles
  • Guitar Lake, 56.6 miles
  • Mt. Whitney summit*, 61.5 miles (not a camp)
  • Trail Camp (65.7) or Outpost Camp, 68.7 miles
  • Whitney Portal Trailhead, 72.2 miles

Kern River Hot Springs, Sequoia National Park, CA

Kern Hot Springs

Explore the Area

Have your camera out along the trail above Hamilton Lakes where the trail passes through a short tunnel. Several interesting waterfalls will probably catch your eye. Then be ready to capture images of amazing Precipice Lake. If time allows, explore Nine Lakes Basin.

Most hikers don't miss a chance to soak in the Kern Hot Springs where there are several small tubs next to the river. While many Whitney-bound hikers camp at Guitar Lake, higher campsites with water are available another 0.75 miles up the trail. Plan an early morning start for Whitney. Look forward to burgers and other refreshments at the little restaurant at Whitney Portal.