Rosemarie Meadow, John Muir Trail, John Muir Wilderness, CA

John Muir Trail Map 4 Quail Meadows to Piute Creek

Rosemarie Meadow

Selden Pass to Piute Creek

Beyond the pass, the John Muir Trail descends at a steady grade toward the South Fork of the San Joaquin River. Along the way it passes several nice lakes. Good campsites can be found at Sallie Keys Lakes.

Near the bottom of the hill a side-trail leads to the Muir Trail Ranch. It is the last resupply spot along the trail. They have a small store and mail service. Accommodations should be arranged ahead of time. Otherwise, camp upstream a short distance and enjoy the public hot springs across the river.

Watch for the Muir Cabin (built in his honor) along the right side of the trail as you near Piute Creek. A good campsite can be found across the bridge a short distance up the trail.

Quail Meadows to Selden Pass

The 2,000-foot climb from Quail Meadows up to Bear Creek is avoided by some who detour to Vermilion Valley Resort. Instead of returning on the ferry, they take the alternate Bear Ridge or Bear Creek trails. Bear Ridge is not much of an improvement over the main trail.

On the Bear Creek trail, however, hikers enjoy a moderate climb up the valley, punctuated by streams, meadows, and vistas of distant peaks. Good camping is available in many places along Bear Creek. You may be tempted to try swimming in the gently flowing creek and fishing in the deeper pools.

John Muir Trail elevation profile from Quail Meadows to Piute Creek