photo of Sixty Lake Basin, Kings Canyon National Park, CA

      Sixty Lake Basin Camping

      Kings Canyon National Park

Sixty Lake Basin

Camping and Exploring in Sixty Lake Basin

Sixty Lake Basin, Kings Canyon National Park, CA

Upper Sixty Lake Basin

With so much exposed granite and such jumbled terrain, good campsites are a challenge for backpackers to locate in Sixty Lake Basin. However, with a little exploring, small parties can find adequate patches of ground on which to pitch their tents in many places up and down the basin. At times, campsites can be windy and cold. Check the Sixty Lake Basin Map for areas where possible campsites can be located.


Fish have been removed from most of the lakes in the basin to help revive the once thriving population of mountain yellow-legged frogs.

Mt. Cotter and Mt. Clarence King,  Kings Canyon National Park, CA

Mount Cotter (left) and Mount Clarence King (right)

Explore the Area

Gardiner Basin

For experienced cross-country hikers, Sixty Lake Col, one mile south of Mt. Cotter, provides access to wild and rugged Gardiner Basin to the west.

Peak Bagging

Sixty Lake Basin is surrounded by soaring granite summits that beckon experienced mountaineers. Mt. Cotter (12,721') has several class 2-3 routes. Fin Dome (11,693') has a class 3 route. Magnificent Mount Clarence King is too difficult for all except skilled rock climbers.   A good resource is R. J. Secor's The High Sierra: Peaks, Passes, and Trails.