Evolution Valley

map of Southern Sierra Nevada, CA Graveyard Lakes Bear Creek Evolution Valley Paradise Valley Rae Lakes High Sierra Trail Vidette Meadow

Window Peak, Kings Canyon National Park, CA

Southern Sierra Trails

  1. Graveyard Lakes, John Muir Wilderness
    • Hike 7 miles from Lake Edison to scenic lakes with great fishing
  2. Bear Creek, John Muir Wilderness
    • Lake Edison area trail leading to dozens of alpine lakes
  3. Evolution Valley, John Muir Wilderness to Kings Canyon
    • Many call Evolution Valley the most beautiful spot in the Sierra
  4. Paradise Valley, Kings Canyon National Park
    • A wonderful weekend trip out of Cedar Grove
  5. Rae Lakes, Kings Canyon National Park
    • A multi-day trip to fabulous lakes, part of the Rae Lakes Loop
  6. Vidette Meadow, Kings Canyon National Park
    • Hike up Bubbs Creek to a beautiful mountain meadow
  7. The High Sierra Trail, Sequoia National Park
    • 71 trans-Sierra miles from Crescent Meadow to Mount Whitney