photo of Vidette Meadow in Kings Canyon National Park, CA

      Vidette Meadow

      Kings Canyon National Park

Vidette Meadow

Hiking to Rae Lakes

The Sphinx, Kings Canyon National park, CA

The Sphinx from the Bubbs Creek Trail

Road's End to Charlotte Creek,
7.5 miles

A wide, sandy trail from Road's End soon narrows into shadowy forest and after 2 miles reaches the bridge leading to the Bubbs Creek trail. A series of 20 switchbacks climbs into the Bubbs Creek Valley, passing Sphinx Creek and continuing to Charlotte Creek.

Camping along Bubbs Creek

Camping areas at Sphinx Creek (4 miles) and Charlotte Creek both have bear boxes. The Charlotte Creek area has more space. Look for views of Charlotte Dome through the trees.

trail to Vidette Meadow, Kings Canyon National Park, CA

Trail above Junction Meadow

Charlotte Creek to Vidette Meadow,
5.5 miles

Although the mileage is short, climbing 2,200 feet to nearly 9,500 feet in elevation takes its toll. Along the trail enjoy small waterfalls, meadows, and wonderful views of North Guard and Mt. Brewer along the Great Western Divide to the south. Water is difficult to access from Junction Meadow to Vidette Meadow.

Alternate Trail to Vidette Meadow

Vidette Meadow is also accessible from the east side of the Sierra via 11,700-foot Kearsarge Pass. The trail begins in Onion Valley and is about 8 miles to Vidette Meadow.